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Gem - the novel
Gem #1 - No Loose Ends

Gem #2 -  No Secrets

Gem #3 - No Choices
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Gem - No Conspiracy




15,350 words - 49 pages

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Craig Jones

“The New York City Underworld is no place for a lady... but no one told Gem”

In this fourth Craig Jones vampire short story, Gem wears the Norse god’s pendant and is empowered with the un-light. For the first time in her undead existence she is free of the darkness. Experiencing the vibrant life of New York City during daylight hours fills her with a sense of normalcy, but she soon discovers the pendant has some serious side effects: headaches, visions of the past, and the appearance of ‘the smoking man’ who will reveal her lost human life and tear her undead world apart.  

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Praise for the Gem Series

Review by Marilyn Baron, author of "Choir of Angels" "Follow an Angel" and "The Stand-in Bridegroom.

Double-Crossed by the Mob, Gem, in the new vampire series by Craig Jones, is No Holds Barred fun. The short stories titled No Loose Ends, No Secrets,  No Choices, No Conspiracy, and No Fear—feature a gorgeous vampire hit-woman (who works for the mob) and her sexy human sidekick Katrina, along with housekeeper Maria and adopted daughter Angel. 

Gem makes problems go away. 

When she takes on an assignment to protect someone she loves and is double-crossed by the mob boss who hired her, she partners with the woman she was hired to kill, Katrina, and gets a feast of bloody revenge. Featuring a drive-by shooting, a boat load of drugs, and a legendary pendant, there is no shortage of thrills and plenty of dead bad guys to go around. 

Jones’ stories are real page turners.