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Craig Jones
What Happened to Rhodri
Meat Coma
Gem - the novel
Gem #2 - No Secrets
Gem #3 - No Choices
Gem #4 - No Fear
Gem #5 - No More


Gem - No Conspiracy

12,500 words - 46 pages


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Craig Jones

“The New York underworld is no place for a lady... but no one told Gem”

Gem is everything she seems, beautiful, rich, and successful at what she does, a vampire hit woman for the Mob. She makes problems go away. In Book #1, when one crime boss decides she’s too big for her britches and double-crosses her, he’d better get out the crucifixes and holy water, because crime hurts bad, real bad, and Gem leaves no loose ends.  


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Praise for the Gem Series

Review by Marilyn Baron, author of "Choir of Angels" "Follow an Angel" and "The Stand-in Bridegroom.

Double-Crossed by the Mob, the new Gem Vampire Series by Craig Jones is No Holds Barred fun. The trilogy—short stories No Loose Ends, No Secrets and No Choices—features a gorgeous vampire/sexy undead hit woman who kills for the mob and her new sidekick, Katrina. Gem makes problems go away, leaves no loose ends and takes no prisoners. When she takes on an assignment to protect someone she loves and is double-crossed, she partners with the woman she was hired to kill. Featuring a drive-by shooting and a legendary pendant, there are no shortage of thrills and plenty of revenge and dead bodies to go around. Jones’ new stories are real page turners.


Review by Adam Shaftoe - The Page of Reviews


Gem – No Loose Ends is the first in a series about a New York based vampire hit-woman named Gem.  Although she is a freelance killer for a criminal syndicate, she’s also a principled assassin who refuses to take any job that involves drugs, women or children.  Gem is also a sexual creature, as is to be expected within vampire fiction.   What was unexpected, but certainly not unwelcome, was her flexible sexuality, which oozes off Gem and Katrina, the two main female characters.  Though driven by human impulses, impulses that often prove a distraction to Gem’s work, she’s not limited by human sociological mores.  Moreover, she’s not perfect.  One of my biggest complaints about vampires is that they never make mistakes.  This is not the case in No Loose Ends. Gem’s mistakes make her that much more human as a protagonist, though she feeds on the blood of mortals and has a libido that works in overdrive.

The plot is very well paced. Events unfold quickly and smoothly. There’s definitely an audience for this story. Those who love both The Sopranos and The Southern Vampire Mysteries would thoroughly enjoy this series.