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7,300 words, 21 pages

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Craig Jones

Be careful of bad karma. It bites back.

The zombie apocalypse is over. Infected persons have been rounded up and quarantined. Martin has had a bit of rough patch through it all, but he’s a survivor. His wife wasn’t so lucky, nor was his neighbor’s daughter. They used to ride horses together. He used to ride them both. Now, in the aftermath, the healing begins with an invitation for dinner at the neighbor’s house. Martin doesn’t know it yet, but his womanizing ways are secret no longer. Dessert anyone?



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Praise for Meat Coma

Review of Craig Jones’ “Meat Coma”

by patrickdorazio

Meat Coma is a short story that takes place in the aftermath of a zombie uprising. More technically, these are the infected-not undead, but with all the same symptoms. These 'zombies' don't eat endlessly. Instead, they eat until sated then switch off, more or less, going into a 'meat coma' for time, until they get the urge to hunt once again. Of course, scratches and bites infect others, but with such limited predatory instincts, the infected are rounded up with comparative ease and efforts are made to find a cure for them.
This story takes place in remote farmland where two families live. One neighbor has lost his wife to the infected while the other family has lost their daughter. They get together one night to discuss the grieving process and how they can cope with such horrible losses. But it's clear from the beginning that there are ulterior motives at play and everyone has their secrets. This short story uses the backdrop of a zombie invasion to tell a tale of base human needs and desires that uses its backdrop well. A quick read, it brought a twisted smile to my face.


From Zombipedia - A revenge thriller with zombies, highly sexualized yet humorous, expertly crafted by a top horror writer.

It scared us stiff!  Fast rising horror author Craig Jones is back with another zombie tale, which is a bit more cynical than his fantastic ‘Outbreak‘. This short story is told from the prospective of Martin, a zombie outbreak survivor who lost his wife during the carnage. Managing to get his life together, his neighbours Peter and his wife Claire are not so lucky and are still failing to cope with the loss of their daughter during the same period. Peter, invites him round to help with this process as his wife is breaking down and unable to move past their loss, but all is not what it seems in this lust filled revenge thriller.