What Happened to Rhodri
Gem #1 - No Loose Ends
Gem #2 - No Secrets
Gem #3 - No Choices
Gem #4 - No Fear
Gem #5 - No More
Gem - The Novel


Gem - No Conspiracy

Meat Coma

A Man's Guide to Getting it Wrong
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Author Craig Jones

Originally from South Wales, I have held a wide range of jobs from tennis player to gym manager to health service worker. I turned 40 in October, am married to Claire,  and we have an insane ginger cat called Wookie. I went to school with Catherine Zeta-Jones, have played tennis with Jamie Redknapp, and coached Great Britainís first ever World Number One tennis player.

I have always loved horror stories, having grown up with Jason Voorhees and his slasher friends, and I love writing them even more. The thought of taking normal people and putting them in terrifying situations gives me a fantastic buzz. I hope to convey that buzz to my readers in every story I write.



Listen to Craig's radio interview with Roy Noble on BBC Monday, January 30, 2012 *** CLICK HERE***