A Man's Guide to Getting it Wrong, Craig Jones, Sion James, TWB Press, novel

Craig Jones
Sin James
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Gem - No Conspiracy






62,400 words

298 pages



Craig Jones


Sin James

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a man in possession of a good relationship must be in want of screwing it up royally. Whether it is because men simply do not know when to keep their mouths shut or due to an unhealthy obsession with his own genitalia, men are by far the weaker sex. And dont we just know it? Were not talking about the scumbags, the sleazebags, the bullies or the drunks. They dont deserve their own story. Were talking about the man fully committed to his wife or girlfriend, the woman he puts first, the person who, despite his best efforts, will be annoyed with him at least twice a week. Forever.


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