Craig Jones
What Happened to Rhodri
Gem Short Stories

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Gem - No Conspiracy

Gem - No Loose Ends
Gem- No Secrets 
Gem - No Choices
Gem - No Fear
Gem- No More
Meat Coma



67,200 words - 390 pages



Craig Jones

“The New York City Underworld is no place for a lady... but no one told Gem”

Meet Gem. She's a vampire hit woman for the mob, out to right a wrong, save a beautiful woman from her mobster boyfriend, and change the balance of power in the New York City underworld. Some think she's just a bloodsucking party girl, but those who underestimate her usually end up dead. When she's not eradicating drug lords and offing bad guys, she's tending to the needs of her adopted five-year-old daughter and her nanny, who are constantly put in danger due to her highly volatile occupation. And just when she thinks she has everything under control, her human past comes back in the form of one very handsome and very deadly sire. He doesn't want her love this time. He wants her secret, and he will kill her to get it.

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Praise for the Gem Series

Review by Marilyn Baron, author of "Choir of Angels" "Follow an Angel" "The Stand-in Bridegroom" and Dead Mix

Double-Crossed by the Mob, Gem, in the new vampire series by Craig Jones, is No Holds Barred fun. The short stories titled No Loose Ends, No Secrets,  No Choices, No Conspiracy, and No Fear—feature a gorgeous vampire hit-woman (who works for the mob) and her sexy human sidekick Katrina, along with housekeeper Maria and adopted daughter Angel. 

Gem makes problems go away. 

When she takes on an assignment to protect someone she loves and is double-crossed by the mob boss who hired her, she partners with the woman she was hired to kill, Katrina, and gets a feast of bloody revenge. Featuring a drive-by shooting, a boat load of drugs, and a legendary pendant, there is no shortage of thrills and plenty of dead bad guys to go around. 

Jones’ stories are real page turners.