Gem - No Conspiracy, FREE, TWB Press, short story, vampire, hitwoman, series 2

Craig Jones
What Happened to Rhodri
Meat Coma
Gem - the novel
Gem #1 - No Loose Ends
Gem #2 - No Secrets
Gem #3 - No Choices
Gem #4 - No Fear
Gem #5 - No More

3,350 words, 17 pages

FREE e-book



Craig Jones

“The New York underworld is no place for a lady... but no one told Gem”

Gem has her hands full with a couple of guys who know her secrets and take control of the very words that come out of her mouth. This one is a real jaw dropper. On top of that, it’s FREE to read from TWB Press and Craig Jones.


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Praise for the Gem Series

Review by Marilyn Baron, author of "Choir of Angels" "Follow an Angel" and "The Stand-in Bridegroom.

Double-Crossed by the Mob, the new Gem Vampire Series by Craig Jones is No Holds Barred fun. The trilogy—short stories No Loose Ends, No Secrets and No Choices—features a gorgeous vampire/sexy undead hit woman who kills for the mob and her new sidekick, Katrina. Gem makes problems go away, leaves no loose ends and takes no prisoners. When she takes on an assignment to protect someone she loves and is double-crossed, she partners with the woman she was hired to kill. Featuring a drive-by shooting and a legendary pendant, there are no shortage of thrills and plenty of revenge and dead bodies to go around. Jones’ new stories are real page turners.