Terry Wright

The 13th Power Quest

Book 1

The 13th Power Journey

Book 2

The 13th Power War

Book 3

Undead in Paris

A Screenplay

Black Jack
The Pearl of Death
The Grief Syndrome
Justin Graves


Street Beat
Wilderness Rampage

Return me to Mistwillow

111,600 words

400 pages

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Behold the first human clone

Speculation has it, in scientific circles and the press, that in some secret lab somewhere, a human has already been cloned. Truth is there are two clones, one of William Tuliver, a corporate tycoon, rich beyond measure, and the other, the soon-to-be-executed Morris Brennon, a notorious mass murderer. Blythe Biotech scientists have developed a special restriction enzyme that not only clones cells, it duplicates humans, and they use it to clone these two uniquely different men before their deaths. But one surrogate mother risks her life to rescue her baby from Blythe, a journey into motherhood no woman should ever have to endure. As for Morris Brennonís clone? He lives the life of a lab rat, and when he escapes, hell hath no fury like his rampage of revenge.








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Grey Line Entertainment says:

The Duplication Factor is a fine piece to read. Very broad, very rich. Expansive. Great characters, high stakes. A page turner. It has elements of Sci-Fi, thriller, and romance. It is filled with three-dimensional characters with rich back stories and justified motivations. On the page and scene level, this is an easy read. There's a nice command of description and dialogue as well as an ever forward moving story progression. The characters all have definite objectives. Structurally it is inventive, and emotionally it covers all the bases.