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4,200 words - 14 pages






Terry Wright

Jake Stratton’s grief over the loss of his son traps a Colorado frontier town in a dusty kind of hell, until the day a long-awaited stagecoach thunders down Main Street and seals the fate of Mistwillow’s forgotten souls.




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Praise for Mistwillow


Review by: David Blake on July 02, 2013 : star star star star star
Oh, this was a sheer delight to read. Good, absorbing story which sneakily reveals its hidden depths a bit at a time, but the actual writing is so rich it positively drips gold. There isn't a single word in the piece that fails to suggest it hasn't been deliberately chosen to enhance the work. These are expert descriptions here, not long-winded lists of details but a few considered observations which evoke a vivid image. For example:
"He leaned against the counter and surveyed his inventory of goods awaiting buyers. Stacked shelves of flour, wheat, beans, and jerky lay in dusty ruin. Wilted dresses hung from wall pegs like gray ghosts. Spider webs adorned the boot rack, and the pickle barrel had rotted out long ago."
Make no mistake, this is a writing masterclass all Smashwords fiction writers could learn from.