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The 13th Power Quest

Book 1

The 13th Power Journey

Book 2

The 13th Power War

Book 3

Undead in Paris

A Screenplay

Black Jack
The Pearl of Death
The Duplication Factor
The Grief Syndrome
Justin Graves 


Street Beat
Return Me to Mistwillow

7,100 words, 37 pages



Terry Wright


Camping in the Colorado High Country can be a rugged affair unless youíve got a 60 foot Class A motor home. Then itís easy street. Thatís what Paul Barnes and his wife, Sarah, think until a couple of murderous thugs on the lamb try to take it away from them. But the high-dollar carjacking goes wrong, a storm hits, and while trying to escape the killers, the rig gets stuck in the mud. Now under siege, Paul and Sarah hunker down, hoping a ranger comes along before they run out of food and water. Of course, thatís not what happens, and an attempt to sneak away is thwarted by a rogue bear. Before this camping trip is over, somebody is going to die.

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