Terry Wright

The story of the world’s largest pearl is a mix of legend, history, and human tragedy that spans the Pacific from pre-war paradise in the Philippines, through hell on the Bataan Death March, to prejudice and betrayal in America. This pearl, a fourteen pound behemoth shaped like a deformed brain, was named The Pearl of Allah by a Palawan Dyak tribe’s chief, but its true origins can be traced back to Lao-Tzu and early Taoism. Take the journey with a Filipino soldier, Timoteo Matito, and an American Geologist, Wilbur Cobb, as they battle greedy investors and a curse from ancient China. You’ll discover the dark heart of mankind and witness a brilliant wonder of nature few people have ever seen.
109,400 words
365 pages
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Based on the true story of the world's largest pearl
If money is the root of all evil, then the Pearl of Death is the judge, jury, and executioner.
Wilburn Dowell Cobb posing with the giant clam shell that trapped and drowned the Dyak diver who tried to remove the pearl.
(American Natural History Museum photo 1939)
Unidentified woman posing with the Pearl of Allah and wearing a pearl ring for comparison.
(American Natural History Museum photo 1939)
Panglima Pisa, the Mohammedan chief of the Dyak tribe on Palawan, PI, originally named his 14-pound prized pearl The Pearl of Allah.
(American Natural History Museum photo 1939)