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The 13th Power Quest

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The 13th Power Journey

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The 13th Power War

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Undead in Paris

A Screenplay

Black Jack
The Pearl of Death
The Duplication Factor

The Grief Syndrome

Justin Graves 

Street Beat
Wilderness Rampage
Return Me to Mistwillow

5,500 words - 26 pages

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Terry Wright


Workaholic journalist Karen Dare is covering the story of a serial killer, the Sandman, which sidelines everything else in her life, including a potential but pushy suitor. When a jealous and malicious co-worker betrays her, and the Sandman sets out to kill her, Karen suddenly realizes how shallow her life has become. Her only salvation, a ranch in the mountains and a handsome cowboy named Jake.  But it will take more than journalistic savvy to save her from the Sandman. It’ll take a piece of her heart.



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Praise for Street Beat

Review by Craig Jones, author of the "Gem Series" and "What Happened to Rhodri"

Time is running out for Karen Dare! This super successful scribe of ‘Street Beat’ is a journalistic awards machine, but it’s time for her to start watching her back. Not only is there a pretender to her literary throne waiting for her to stumble and fall, but she’s drawn the attention of a deranged and dangerous serial killer, the Sandman.

Terry Wright does it again with this edge of the seat ride on a rollercoaster: twists and turns galore, a cohort of colourful characters, and just as you think you’re gliding home safely, BANG, you get hit with another change of direction when you were least expecting it!

There are two things that make this story work. The first is the high-wire tension. As I read, I simply did not know who was next on the Sandman’s hit list...  and that leads to the second reason why Wright’s work works! He knows how to create a person in print. Full on Avatar 3D, jumping off the page. He makes you believe in his characters, that they weren’t just around for the twenty odd pages of their lives.

A great read, simple as that. And with a villain who could become a cult classic.



Review by Dean Giles, author of the "Alien Apocalypse" Series and "Ghost in the Machine"

Street Beat is a tornado of a story. It's fast and direct narrative manages to be both poignant and compelling. Karen is a high flying reporter with high ambitions. She gets all the great stories. Something her colleague, Maggie, is not overly impressed about. Maggie believes it's her right to be top dog and unless she does something to hamper the competition, she will be forever sidelined. After all, this is her dream job as well! Karen's column, Street Beat, is following the dark murders of serial killer, The Sandman. When an important lead accidentally falls into Maggie’s hands, the story takes on a dark twist.

I highly recommend this story. I read it in one sitting and wanted more. 5 stars.  


Review by Marilyn Baron, author of "A Choir of Angels" "Follow an Angel" and "The Stand-in Bridegroom"

You won’t get much sleep after you read Terry Wright’s tightly written romantic suspense/thriller “Street Beat,” about The Sandman Killer who is stalking victims in Denver. Denver Post star reporter Karen Dare, who writes a Pulitzer Prize-worthy column called Street Beat, is documenting the Sandman’s reign of terror. The talented Dare seems to have it all, and Maggie Hunter, the Post’s jealous junior reporter, will do anything she can to get it. When Maggie sets Karen up, she tangles with the Sandman and finds romance with a new man in her life, who knows more than he’s telling about the killer. You’ll enjoy this deliciously suspenseful, fast-paced short story to the very last gritty page.