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6,700 words - 27 pages


Terry Wright

In this satire on zombies in the workplace, the dark side of the auto repair business is exposed, and a mechanic’s quest to overcome unemployment leads his family down a disastrous path.

The owner of Z-motors has a problem with his employees. They are brainless zombies who eat their customers. He needs a mechanic with a brain, so he places a Help Wanted ad in a Denver newspaper. Unemployed Jim Lowry is looking for a job as a Master Mechanic. The perfect position opens up in a small-town auto repair shop on the Colorado plains. He loads his family into their SUV and sets out for Z-motors. He’s about to apply for the job from hell.  


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"Great story! I really enjoyed reading Z-motors, a well-crafted zombie tale sure to please any fan of the undead. Fast-paced, gross, and hilarious. Zzz-licious."

                                         Mario Acevedo – Best Selling Author of the Felix Gomez Vampire Detective Series.




"Wright has created a fun little story with a lot of big ideas. In this world, zombies exist in a hierarchy of flesh-eating versus brain-eating zombies. A very cool idea that I haven’t seen done much elsewhere. Between that, and the fact that this is the only story I know of that centers around the undead as mechanics first and zombies second, I don’t see how this story can get any more original! “Z-Motors” is fun, doesn’t drag itself out too long, makes you smile, and no long-term commitment is needed. You could definitely do far worse with your two bucks."


Full review now included in The Gore Score Vol, 2

Tony Schaab, author and creator of TheGoreScore.com



I bought and read Z Motors- it was so much delicious fun. I especially liked the part about the zombies policy for dissatisfied customers and the part about knocking a zombie’s teeth that was like knocking out a box of Chiclets—I laughed out loud!
Thanks so much for suggesting it to me. I like your TWB Press site to buy short stories. Doubtless I’ll be back for more.

Lynde Iozzo, RMFW member



"TOP PICK AWARD" Jim Lowry is a Master Mechanic without a job. Struggling to find work so he can provide for his wife and daughter, he thinks he’s found the job of his dreams when he sees a “Help Wanted” ad for a Master Mechanic. They drive out to the hot, humid city of Rolling Oaks so Jim can check the job out, and after talking with Dean Zyla, owner of Z-Motors, he thinks the job is a dream come true. Little does he know it is actually a nightmare!

If you’re into zombie stories, check out Z-Motors by Terry Wright. It’s got everything a good zombie story could want: Zombies, blood, guts. And, oh, yeah, brains! Brains ready for the eating!

Z-Motors is a gory, scary story. Never again will I step into an auto repair shop without looking twice at the mechanics and wondering if they’re actually zombies in disguise!  See the review web page at Night Owl Reviews here

Reviewed by: DawnColclasure | Jul 11, 2011 | B004BLJAYG, Night Owl Reviews



Z Motors is A-Okay!

This is the first Terry Wright story I've read and it had me hooked from the opening sentence. After the first paragraph I was smitten and by the end I was drooling like one of Dean Zyla's maniac mechanics. The prose is pacy, the dialogue delectable and characters, especially poor Jim Lowry, a down on his luck master mechanic just looking for an honest day's work, are believeable to the point that you really don't want anything bad to happen to them. However, as Wright builds the tension, you just know there's something running not quite right down at Z Motors and that ain't good news for Jim and his family... 

But is this story truly the grotesque horror it paints itself to be? Yes, it has all the elements of a classic zombie yarn (brain munching a-plenty, gross disfigurements, blood and gore a go-go). Yes, it has an ominous sense of dread (that horrible tingly feeling down my spine as I read it, not really wanting to turm the page but having too). Yes, it brings in aspects of the modern zombie (the undead still wanting to go about the tasks they did in their pre-undead lives). But, and this is the big question... is this really about zombies or is it Wright's attack on the modern workforce? Have I just read a zombie novel or a satirical shot at how the service industry has gone down the pan? Either way, this is one heck of a story that will make your flesh creep and your hackles rise! An intellegent piece that works on so many levels.  

If you've ever seen the Creepshow movies then you'll love this as it would sit very nicely into that category of macabre message. Simply put, if you like your horror uncompromising, you'll do no wrong by choosing Wright!

Review by Craig Jones, author of the Gem Series