Terry Wright

In the second book of The 13th Power Trilogy, Ray Crawford, having failed to achieve fame, has formulated a new plan: reprogram the Supercomputers, build a bigger gravity chamber, and degenerate NASA’s prototype Inter Space Station Transporter into the 13th Power. He will discover that fame carries a terrible price.

Since the undercover operation in Simi Valley failed, The Ark is under more pressure from the President to fulfill Directive 119, the Strategic Defense Initiative, and deploy at network of proton laser beams in orbit. He captures the fugitive murderer Dr. Curtis, aka Melvin Anderson, and offers him a deal he can’t refuse. Meanwhile, the FBI recovers evidence from the crashed Hawker jet that'll put all these government bad guys' necks on the chopping block.

Just when Janis Mackey is settled into a peaceful life with Tracy in Boulder, the CIA calls on him to help them steal the 13th Power technology for Star Wars. Of course, he refuses, so acting on orders from The Ark, they take Tracy into custody and threaten to kill her if Janis doesn’t deliver the goods.

Janis’s return to Simi Valley is not the joyous reunion Lisa expected. She’s heartbroken over his devotion to Tracy, but she’s determined to win him back. And Lisa has a new problem: her mother. Kate returns after her release from prison. She’s looking for forgiveness from a daughter she’d abandoned and a husband she’d betrayed. Good luck with that.

In this stunning sequel to The 13th Power Quest, humanity is at the mercy of technology, and a family’s love for each other is put to a brutal test.
119,500 words
330 pages
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A Janis Mackey Sci-Fi Thriller
"There are two possibilities. Either we are alone in the universe or we are not.  Both are equally terrifying."                  ... Arthur C. Clarke