The Jokers of Sarzuz, TWB Press, short story, horror, circus, trapeze

Paul Sherman
Daemon Page




7,700 words - 30 pages



Paul Sherman

Be careful what you wish for. The price may be too high.

A circus will live or die on the quality of its acts. Plagued with bad luck, Gabraziniís Mammoth Circus is on the brink of bankruptcy, and Irena, the Golden Swallow of the Trapeze, is wheelchair bound after a fall. Her father and owner of the circus, makes a wish on her motherís ashes. He would give anything if Irena could walk again. Enter the Jokers of Sarzuz, the greatest troupe of circus acts on the planet, along with their Ringmaster, Akrahad, who is a very scary fellow. Bad luck is his specialty.

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