Daemon Page, Paul Sherman, TWB Press, short story, horror, book, wishes

Paul Sherman
The Jokers of Sarzuz





9,000 words - 31 pages


Paul Sherman


Anything is possible, thanks to the book.


Tristan Scarp is a narcissistic chemistry teacher at St. Bartís School for Boys. Nobody likes him, and for good reason; heís a depraved bully, so he acquires an ancient book on demonology and uses its powers to wish for bad things to happen to the people he despises, for one, his boss, and for another, a particularly arrogant junior student. And the daemon book's ability to bewitch women to his liking does not go unexploited, as well, to wit, his bossís wife. However, Mr. Scarp is about to learn that wishes can come true but in more horrific ways than he could have ever imagined.



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