George Naas
God's Assassin

War of the Lesbian Zombies




102,300 words

338 pages

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George S. Naas

Edited by Terry Wright

Poor Brenda. She’s an overweight redhead and not very pretty, but she has a man who says he loves her so she gives him fifty grand from her savings to plan their wedding, but instead, he runs off with his ex-wife to Vegas. Brokenhearted, Brenda vows to get revenge, a journey that takes her to Haiti for a weight-loss and beauty makeover that ends up killing her. Thanks to a Haitian Voodoo High Priestess and the Lesbian Goddess Loa, her life is restored in a beautiful body. Back on the path of revenge, her kiss and her sexual prowess converts other women to Lesbian Zombies, all with one thing in common: men have ruined their lives, as well. In New York City, the zombie sisterhood seduces men of wealth and power, and a few women, too, in a plot to shift the balance of control over American institutions to women, where it should have been all along. However, each of the sisters has her own score to settle against men, from Paris to Mexico City, thus complicating Brenda’s mission to empower all women. Their roads to revenge are filled with sex, murder, and mischief, along with a lot of heart and soul.

NOTE: Originally, this was written as an erotic thriller, but it has since been rewritten for all adult readers. However, because it contains violence and adult language, it's still not recommended for children.