George Naas
God's Assassin

Invasion of the Lesbian Zombies



102,300 words

338 pages

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The Sequel to Invasion of the Lesbian Zombies


George S. Naas

Edited by Terry Wright


In War of the Lesbian Zombies we find the beautiful Lesbian Zombies, with their Queen Brenda Ayler and Brenda’s billionaire lover Jackie O’Neal, living the highlife on Long Island in a mansion they call The Ranch. It is here they throw lavish parties for military officers, politicians, entertainment moguls, and captains of commerce and finance. Brenda’s sisters are told they are to do whatever is required of them with their dinner guests to achieve their ultimate goal of electing Brenda and Jackie as the next President and Vice President of the United States. Along the way they will, with the help of their Goddess LOA, Lord Of All, take on Somali pirates on the high seas, get in a shootout at The Ranch with Taliban secret insurgents, and beat the hell out of FBI agents who come to arrest them on bogus charges. The entire country is watching, and the sisters become the darlings of every woman in America but are hated by many powerful men who plot to destroy them.