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Amore Moon Publishing is an imprint of TWB Press.

We are looking for traditional romance and romance that incorporates other genres such as thriller, suspense, and mystery. We are also looking for erotic romance and erotica. For information on erotic Romance CLICK HERE. Because most stories have a romantic element, the test for a true romance is simple. If the romance is taken out, does a story still exist? If the story falls apart, it's romance. If the story holds up, it's not a romance.

For readers of Romance, we publish only the best short stories and novels worthy of your entertainment dollar. Each submission has been revised and edited, sometimes painfully, to make the story emotionally satisfying. You may forget the details in a story, but you'll never forget how a story made you FEEL.

For writers of romance, be assured that TWB Press and Amore Moon Publishing are NOT vanity presses. We pay royalties. It costs you nothing to be published here. We're always on the lookout for new talent, so new writers, please don't hesitate to submit a query email to Write "Romance Query" in the subject line. Submission guidelines and other valuable information are available at  

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Bobette or me at  

Thanks for your interest in Amore Moon Publishing and TWB Press

Terry Wright, EIC