Velvet Door Society, Shanaya Fastje, novel, supernatural


Shanaya Fastje



64,400 words

PDF ebook - 168 pages

paperback - 326 pages


Shanaya Fastje

For as long as she can remember, Willow has had symbolic dreams about her past, present, and future. As disturbing and accurate as they are, they donít predict her meeting pale and handsome Evander, her spirit guide, who offers to help her understand why she has these dreams. To succeed, she requires training, but she doesnít trust him enough to travel with him through other dimensions where her dreams reside. However, when their spirit friends are murdered, she agrees to go with him to find the killer. Their dangerous journey takes them to the center of the universe and the Velvet Door where a dark evil plots to take over the world. Her dreams turn to nightmares, and the future of the human race falls into her inexperienced hands.

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