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57,500 words

244 pages



TS Caladan's Comedy II

by DH Jetson

This is DH Jetsonís 2nd Funny Book. After writing ďCollected Comedy of TS CaladanĒ (Volume 1), the comedic floodgates could not be closed. Volume II promises to be Funnier. How is that even possible? ďHeís the smartest comic youíll ever laugh at.Ē

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~Words from the author:

I could not stop the funny stuff after Volume 1 was written and I started to collect more material. In no time, I had a good chunk of a sequel written. More jokes came to me, more old stories and oddities I remembered as well as more artwork.

Could I be as funny or funnier than the previous book? Thatís the question. I thought the bar was set fairly high. CREATION, thatís whatís tough: something from nothing!

Letís see, they werenít too fond of my research and theories on Atlantis. They werenít very responsive to my sci-fi and amazing stories. [Unbelievable]. But Iím receiving some great feedback on the funny crap. Huh! Surprised me. If this Comic Book makes you think differently about the world around you, Iíve done my job.

Be funny.

~DH Jetson

~TS Caladan

~Doug Yurchey