Trail of Obsession, Soliel De Bella, TWB Press, Amore Moon Publishing, erotic romance, short story trilogy

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Short Story Trilogy

19,300 words

By Soliel De Bella

Trail of Obsession follows Alexisí journey into a sexual relationship with Michael, an entity who exists in the home she just purchased. Though sheís fiercely independent, sheís easily seduced in her dreams, but the excitement of living in her new home is dashed when Michaelís presence becomes real and his sexual appetite consumes her day and night. With the help of a Native American shaman, she breaks free of Michaelís obsessive sexual prowess and sets her sights on a cowboy hunk she could truly love. However, her bright future turns dark when Michael returns in a twist she didnít see coming. His dominance and control over her libido drives her to contemplate suicide, so he takes her into hell to show her the consequences. There, the Devil is attracted to her living beauty and makes her his sex slave. The carnal tortures she suffers are not only terrifying but pleasing. She quickly learns that Michael is her only salvation, and as they plot to escape hell, she sees the real Michael and falls in love with him, but the Devil knows all, sees all, and in his twisted sense of mercy offers them a choice that neither can accept without destroying the other.

Not Appropriate for Minors

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