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TS Caladan [aka Doug Yurchey], explorer of ancient and modern mysteries, presents his version, a very different version, of “A song of Ice and Fire.” After 8 seasons of G.O.T., fans of fantasy and D&D were disappointed once again. Now, there’s another ‘Game’ in town. Discover the power struggle on the Joga Islands, between the Family that has always had total control: House Barronatta, and their main rival, House Tarsis. The seven Kingdoms contain legends of Giant Earthworms and Snow Giants. The epic is nothing like what you’d expect or had ever seen before in books or films. A mixture of magic and science/technology, a mixture of primitive times and futuristic times~  Can gifted children transform an empire? Which House will seize control? Will Princess Elizabeth Barronatta wed the Black Prince of Tarsis and end an ultimate war? Future is seen from the past and past is seen from the future. Was “Thrones” planned to go wrong, anger us, get our attention to push us back in time to violent, Dark Age behaviors? Purpose of the book: to generally explain how today’s world turned cruel and upside-down.

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I only just saw the last episode of 'Game of Thrones,' the highly anticipated final episode of the popular HBO show, minutes ago. Since the failure of Season 8 inspired and motivated me to write this book, now was a good time to start the Introduction. The whole reason a spark was ignited under me to take on a tenth novel was because of the avalanche of criticism G.O.T. fans expressed: great disappointment to  complete rage because of shortened Season 8. How could writers have messed this up too?

Weren't we disappointed enough with new Star Trek movies, whatever the fuck Discovery was, new Star Wars, 2nd Incredibles and Prometheus sequel? You could go right down the line at total failures for fans: Alita, Captain Marvel, Valerian, Avengers, X-Men, Transformers, Superman, Batman, Spider-man, etc. Even the end of Ex Machina was wrong and absurd. Where does madness end of what we've been forced to accept as proper entertainment for our youth? Deadpool 7? Purge 12? Harry Potter and future incarnations of devil-crap? Gore, instead of great stories? Violence, in place of imagination? Never a pure hero anymore, always ones with dark sides? What happened to creativity and being different? Always witchcraft? Blood-drenched, killer-WOMEN are so “in” these days. Really? Again? Or. If you thought Cardi B was horrible, wait until you see Cardi C and D!

We deserve a lot better.

I had to write my version of Game of Thrones. No choice in the matter. I could do better. I could write a better story that dealt with generally similar elements and time period, half comatose! But it would be very different. It would be good. And certainly nothing anyone would ever have expected.

There were endless online theories (leaks?) and ideas from fans of how “Games” would end, possibly. Some ideas connected young Bran Stark with the Night King. Maybe NK and Dead Army were destroyed so early in Season 8, only to return in the finale? My thought, that I saw nowhere on YouTube, was obvious. I was certain the very last frame of last scene would have Bran as boy-King [often suggested], but there would be a closeup of his eyes: They'd turn ice blue and the Devil would return as King of Everything. That didn't happen. I was wrong. But, you know? I like my ending better. At least, I wouldn't have left a Starbucks cup on the table.

They actually added to the TV version, the book: 'A Song of Ice and Fire,' at the end. Shameful. Does 'Thrones' really need another plug? Isn't it forced upon us in about every margin on every computer screen? Why didn't we see 'by George R.R. Martin' written on the book? It was exactly like Bilbo at end of Lord of the Rings: 'There and Back Again.' It's been done before! I think the Simpsons did it! Now. If filmmakers were cool and creative (they are not), they could have written it this way:

Bring in a book, only it was a story to them and history for us. You see, war of 9 Kingdoms was based on the “War of the Roses,” in actual history. In the 15th Century, the Yorks fought the Lancasters for the throne of England. Yorks won. That's why we have New York and New York City. “Lancaster” (losers) could only be the name of small towns in the New World. If House Lancaster had won, we'd have New Lancaster and New Lancaster City. Writers should have made the book at end written by Samwise Tarly, who chronicled everything that had previously happened. Only it was an epic story. Tyrion's part would surely not have been left out. And the name of the book would have been: 'The War of the Roses,' precisely what the war was known as in the real world. But...

No. Instead, G.O.T. series we watched had dragons (best parts), way too much blood, too much gore, fire, witchcraft, child-killing and far too many Killer-Women! Sansa (Boy George DNA) is the Dark Phoenix?

Wait until you hear what really bugged me about episode 6. Okay. Jon, rightfully, killed Daenerys, “Danny.” Someone should have. No more boat-sex. But. How's the man ever going to get away with that in the age of GIRL-POWER? Mother of Dragons was dead. Last dragon left felt it, of course, roared overhead and flew down through opened, collapsed roof. What's the fucking dragon do? What's the fucking (excuse my British) dragon do to that little, rat-bastard that knifed mom in the chest? Nothing? I couldn't believe it. The dragon got all pissy and shot a massive wall of flame everywhere else, but not on Jon? I'm yelling at the screen: “Hey, dragon! He's over there! Right there! Get real! Flame on!” Computer dragon had all the reason in the world to toast Jon, but doesn't? And I knew it wouldn't; that's a main character. How can they go through all the time, trouble and expense of amazing CGI and make it look vividly real...when actions, insane actions/decisions, completely blow apart the reality? Dragon melted the Iron Throne and broken walls and debris, but never singed Jon? Wouldn't he have been a snack in the real world? Didn't happen. I heard YT videos, blokes with English accents, that tried to justify this. Filmmakers weren't criticized. Instead, they only found it: “curious,” like the dragon was real? (Ha). And gave reasons the creature might have showed mercy. Maybe the dragon spared Jon because he was sad? What apologists. The beast snatched the dead, mad Queen and flew off with her. Bye. Bye. Unreal. [You know, we might not be seeing a documentary?].

This is how I would have done the scene: Jon stabbed her dead; dragon flew like crazy back and forth, seen overhead. Jon left through a stone tunnel with some dignity. Why waste one, “Sorry, Danny” on the bitch? Get your ass out of there, Jonny! See? Real. Then have the dragon come down and find her. It would have burnt the broken stones and throne...and Jon made a true escape. No, no.

If you look up 'An Alternative to Game of Thrones by TS Caladan,' you'll come to first two Acts in the book. A part 1 & 2. A few pictures were added. Here was the intro:

“8 years invested in the HBO super-series and it boiled down to this? Little Arya ['Aryan,' ugly Christina Ricci with brows] somehow got through armies of the dead and killed Night King only 3 episodes in? Not Jon Snow? Are you kidding me? Did the dead guy snap her neck? No. He lets her stab him through his armor and he disintegrated? HE'S DEAD! Did you know there's no Night King in the books by George R.R. Martin? They just tossed them in from the 'Walking Dead' shows! Didn't even leave them for big finale?

Speaking of girl-power, how about little Mormont? A Giant crashed through huge doors, then swatted the child away [what is she? 10!] like she was nothing. But. Instead of every bone in her tiny body shattered, she stood up and ROARED! We're not done: Giant picked her up. Did he squish her like the broken bug she was? No. The dumb MAN put her up to his eye. She stabbed his eye and somehow the Giant died?? Didn't it take a hundred arrows to drop one of these guys a few seasons ago? Girl-Power is awesome! You can't make this up, people. You just knew the Giant and the Devil were  dead-meat, going down and could never defeat little girls. Please.

Critics have blasted the show, like they should, and also the cast. Emilia Clarke was filmed and sarcastically said: “Best season ever!” Then actors who played 'Grey Worm' and 'Missandei' laughed.

I will say one good thing: Dragon scenes, Wall coming down, the dragon shot in the sky and fell in the sea. Fantastic. Anyway. I present for fans of “Game,” something much better. I like it.