The Continuum, Tray Caladan, science fiction, novel


Tray Caladan

Son of Zog

Book 2

The Cydonian War

Book 3



Two Thousand Ninety-Nine - Transia~


Mandela Effect

Mandela Effect II

The New Men and the New World

Book 1

Beyond Barronsland

Book 2

The Best of TS Caladan

130,100 words

PDF e-book - 267 pages

6x9" paperback - 422 pages


by TS Caladan


In an alternate Continuum, a parallel galaxy suffers under the influence of Sardon's Chancellery and its evil creation, The Galactic Monetary Standard (‘dylars’). Desire for these ‘dylars’ drives Citizens into countless wars, forbidden atomic weapons, and even the battle of the sexes. Chaos abounds as fortunes of both Royalty and yahoos are siphoned into Sardon’s Black Hole. Zog, the Cosmic Creator, gives hope to those who have none. A ‘Savior’ returns. The Neo Zog has a plan for peace...the destruction of the Galactic Reserve, making ‘dylars’ worthless. Citizens are up in arms. Neo Zog is wanted as an Outlaw. What happens next will be determined by a ‘winner takes all’ game of Tonk between good and evil, leaving ‘chance’ to decide the fate of a Universe.

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Praise for The Continuum

From Illuminati News: "I am not exaggerating if I say that this must be the best science fiction novel I have ever read. And believe me; I have read a lot in that genre in my younger years! This book, "The Continuum," is not only extremely thrilling, but is also masterfully written."