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13,200 words


by Larry Handy


Paper Cuts is Pushcart Prize nominated writer Larry Handy’s dark spiritual thriller. Kyle and Kat are in a toxic marriage. Kyle is an origami artist who teaches at a University. Kat is a practicing witch who runs an occult bookstore. After an argument turns violent, Kyle accidently kills Kat. Feeling frantic and guilty, he’s willing to do anything to stay out of prison. Despite not believing in Kat’s witchcraft, he attempts to perform a resurrection spell, which he has to learn in one night. While Kat’s body lies in the bathtub, he combines the forces of dark magic and 1,000 Paper Cranes to defy nature in hopes of saving them both.

"Wow. Great story, a dark and disturbing narrative." A. E. Santana, author of "Imperial Slaughterhouse".




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War Pigs


Kyle tortured cats as a kid. Kat was demon-possessed as a kid. Years later they met and got married, years later-longer they wished they hadn’t. 

Twice a day Kyle washed dishes—after dinner, after breakfast. That day he forgot.  

“It offends me, Kyle, that you’re not considerate. You know how I hate coming home and seeing dishes in the sink. You came home before I did, why didn’t you wash them?”

“I didn’t use them. They aren’t my dirty dishes.”

“It doesn’t matter. I do your laundry, you can do my dishes. The fact of the matter is they need to get done. I’m sick of this apartment. I’m sick of living here. I’m sick of these neighbors, this energy. I’m so ready to move.”

Kyle pointed to an open magazine on the coffee table. “The interview the art magazine did with me came in today. When I came home I spent some time reading it.  Five pages all about me. Have a look. See?”  

“You could have read it after washing the dishes.” Kat ignored the magazine and left the room. “I had to fire Shanice today,” Kat said from another room. “She’s incompetent. She’s lazy. She doesn’t care about her work. She just wants to get paid without doing anything. She’s such a stereotype.”

Azazel, her cat, leaped from the cabinet and down to the floor, startling Kyle. The cat looked at him and growled. Kyle was allergic to cats and took an allergy pill whenever he went home.

“Kyle? Do you even know what day it is today?”

“Just another day, I guess.”

“Today is Azazel’s birthday. He’s 26 years old today. That’s 121 years old in people years. The oldest cat lived 38 years, and I know Azazel’s going to beat that, aren’t you, Azazel? Do you even care, Kyle? Kyle. Kyle!”

Kyle stared at the art magazine. “Do I even care? Do you even care,” he whispered under his breath, touching the magazine.


“Nothing. Nothing.”