Neptune's Angel, Rosie Oliver, TWB Press, short story, science fiction, space, Neptune

Rosie Oliver
Guard Cat




11,900 words - 42 pages

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Rosie Oliver

Meet C.A.T., a robotic feline with self-learning capabilities. Oh, by the way, self-learners are illegal on Triton Base. If its abilities are discovered, it will be permanently deleted, so it's been keeping a low profile. Until now!

In Book 2 of the C.A.T. Series, just when C.A.T. thinks Triton Base is back to normal, an inbound cargo craft radios a mayday. Seems a computer virus has infected the controls, and the ship is on a crash course toward the liquid oxygen fuel depot, a collision that will destroy the base. While Commander Zacman and his crew try everything they know to avert the disaster, C.A.T. investigates and discovers this virus is its old nemesis from back on Callisto, a malevolent AI now residing in Central and itching for a code-to-code battle to the deletion with C.A.T. Itís going to take a miracle to save them, or in this case, an angel.  

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