A “new craze” has caught fire online, in YouTube, and on people’s minds, a phenomenon that will surely hit mainstream. Have you heard of the “Mandela Effect” and wondered what it’s all about? Is it merely mistaken memories or false beliefs? Or is something far more mysterious happening in the world we remember so well? A “mountain” of evidence is presented here, which allow readers to view the world with a new strangeness and question natural explanations offered by critics. This book is a modern-day ‘Believe It or Not,’ the largest collection of true “Mandelas” ever assembled, a book that’s radically different from other recent publications on the phenomenon...because this book provides answers. Much has been speculated on the cause of the Mandela Effect, but TS Caladan will tell you the source of the phenomenon, why it happened, how it came to be so popular, and he’ll answer an important question: When did it first happen to us? Once you read this book, you’ll agree something strange and unnatural has happened to our world, and then you too will believe.
66,900 words
218 pages
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by TS Caladan
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