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66,900 words

218 pages


by TS Caladan


A “new craze” has caught fire online, in YouTube, and on people’s minds, a phenomenon that will surely hit mainstream. Have you heard of the “Mandela Effect” and wondered what it’s all about? Is it merely mistaken memories or false beliefs? Or is something far more mysterious happening in the world we remember so well? A “mountain” of evidence is presented here, which allow readers to view the world with a new strangeness and question natural explanations offered by critics. This book is a modern-day ‘Believe It or Not,’ the largest collection of true “Mandelas” ever assembled, a book that’s radically different from other recent publications on the phenomenon...because this book provides answers. Much has been speculated on the cause of the Mandela Effect, but TS Caladan will tell you the source of the phenomenon, why it happened, how it came to be so popular, and he’ll answer an important question: When did it first happen to us? Once you read this book, you’ll agree something strange and unnatural has happened to our world, and then you too will believe.

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*     Introduction to the Mandela Effect

Think you know reality? Think you know somewhat of how the universe works? How about your memories? Are they intact? Have they been wiped or altered in any way? Would you know? Do your memories suddenly differ greatly from others around you? Or how about the world physically, unnaturally (almost magically) changing and we’ve hardly noticed? Couldn’t happen, huh? Like CERN or someone screwing with Time-Machines? And then, what you thought you knew of the world has changed a little or a lot. But not to everyone.

People, today, have completely different views of recent and old events and what was once an unshakable, solid, constant reality we all shared and remembered. This is not the normal mistaken memories of the misinformed or the ignorant. This is UNNATURAL, inexplicable changes and not the usual ones as a result of time passing. Now things are very different, physically, than the way they were. (And they shouldn’t be). This will be proven to you when you take a Mandela Test and review the evidence in this book. Before the Mandela Effect, no one had ever questioned such things as:

*    Did the large pyramids at Giza switch positions?

*    Do the Moon and Mars seem different than they were?

*  Have countries changed borders and sizes as well as whole continents shifted, seemingly overnight? Have U.S. states changed shape?

*  Has history changed with new events no one remembers, while other memories have vanished? Were there earlier, advanced technologies shown in photos and films, previously unknown?

*  Have giant statues, monuments, ancient ruins and odd buildings suddenly come into existence?

*     Did the Statue of Liberty move from Ellis Island to Liberty Island?

*     Have well-known statues and works of art altered?

*   Have classic lines in films and famous lyrics in songs, we all know, changed? Have disks, tapes, books and various Media on our shelves changed lately?

*   Do names, logos, signs, designs and packaging of well-known products appear different than the way most remember?

*    Have words instantly changed their spelling and also the names of famous people, as if by magic?

*   Have new/strange animals, plants and other unfamiliar bits of nature suddenly appeared as if they’ve always been around?

*   Have our bodies changed, organs in different places and different sizes with slightly different arrangements than before?

The KJV Bibles, everywhere, have undeniably changed and it is not a matter of debate.

None of this, and far more than you can imagine, would ever have been questioned, considered or have really happened, before the Mandela Effect - Wave - frequency - vibration HIT.

There will be such war when Mandela surfaces on the mainstream, which is inevitable, already the subject of books, articles, videos, etc. Already, there is the division between believers and debunkers. Enemies of truth own the public Media channels and will certainly ridicule Mandela people in attempts to explain the phenomenon, by reporting it’s only a lunacy craze and nothing strange is happening. The power of ‘suggestion.’ Passing on false rumors. “These wackos must have Alzheimer’s disease.”

The war is on!