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45,300 words


by TS Caladan

Company spaceship sent to ‘unlock’ Library on Mercury to answer: How life arrived on Earth? But. Are Holy Records true or not? A galaxy awaits! Meet the coolest android & also read the strangest love story between a man and a “woman” of all time.


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1.   Why were we allowed to examine the anomaly on Mercury?

Surprisingly, the Council has permitted or invited a Company "science" vessel [Roara] to investigate a white structure on the planet Mercury that has stood inside the Brahms Crater for millenniums. The crew consisted of Admiral Benson, Captain Hester Mann, Lieutenant Tony West and the android and ship's computer: "Sim," a super-assimilator or walking computer.

The Company (Illuminati) jumped at the chance to further explore the Solar System. Any investigation of space the "power elite" on Earth was allowed, they took with great enthusiasm, fantastic (suppressed) technology and unlimited funds. Only "baby steps" had been permitted by the Council, previously. As of 2018, restricted Company ships and officials had secretly explored many of the structures throughout the Solar System: ruins on the Moon and Mars and present life on Jupiter's and Saturn's moons as well as on Pluto and its satellites. The Company has had regular transports to human space colonies for decades, all hidden from the general public and only reserved for 'Royalty' and their special guests.

But Company ships and the power elite weren't allowed to fly free on their own, outside of planned routes. There was no real exploration or scientific investigations. Behind the scenes was never anything substantial for Company members. Aliens on the Council only allowed Royal elites from the third planet small bits of truth and the basic monitoring and traveling of space in the area. Rare were there interactions between aliens and Earthlings, anymore. Elites were given some freedoms, some knowledge, but mostly what was handed them was bullshit. The Company explored colossal ruins of the Martian Cydonia to an extent, although answers were unknown. The monolith on Phobos was not operational and had turned into inert, dark/dead matter. In a sense, Royalty of Earth had access to other planets with "buses" and even a "Stargate," while never given true understanding of history and the world around them. The Company had to comply with every dictate or directive from the alien Council.

Admiral Benson was a horrible person of Asian descent. He was fat and bald. His deep blue uniform had to be custom-made for his sizable proportions. He was arrogant. He was the boss. He let you know it. Benson was the secret 'President' of Earth.' [bogus position]. He also did not fully realize the levels of aliens and ET humanoids above his level.

The Admiral, and the Company, had a lot to learn.

Captain Mann was a British woman on the outside. She was as notoriously nasty as the Admiral. Her nickname was "Witch" or "Red Witch." That was because she was one, as well as the Admiral. Captain of the Roara was a very attractive redhead, a physicist, an occultist, a ritual-satanist and in charge of security and weaponry. She was also a psychic and in contact with what was called: the "King" or the "Beast" or the "Beast-King."

Lieutenant West was the only crew member with a heart, the only one with a caring bone in his body (outside of the android). Blonde Tony West from California was not a so-called "Company-man" or your normal lieutenant. He was freelanced, used by the Company. He was a 'crypto-expert' in communications and alien computers. He knew six alien languages fluently and had special interest in the anomaly on Mercury. 'They' called him in again and utilized his knowledge.

The strange, white structure in the Brahms Crater had been known to secret elites since powerful telescopes gazed into the heavens. Along with many other towers, dishes, domes, bridges, buildings, machines, tubes, activity, etc. on the inner planets, clearly visible by Earth's large telescopes. Federal officials have not only kept from the public structures and ruins on about every solid body in the Solar System, they have also not shown us the evidence of living lifeforms, aliens and humanoids, and their vehicles presently active. People were only given disinformation. Evidence of ET life in the galaxy and the existence of flying disks or UFOs in our skies were globally ridiculed over Earth's Media.

The Admiral and Captain were on the bridge.

Sim communicated with Tony West in the Lieutenant's quarters.

From her chair, the Captain asked the seated Admiral, "Give me your thoughts, Admiral. I'm curious. What do you believe is the real reason we got green-lighted for the mission?"

"Ha, ha! My dear. I would have thought you'd just extract them from me."

She returned his laughter. "Ha. Ha. Ah, yes. I can. I wanted to hear them from you and this is a good time. The Lieutenant isn't around and you can speak freely."

The Admiral expressed, "Ah. Well. This can't be right, can it? A first. An unsupervised mission to Mercury to examine the anomaly in Brahms? Or any planet unsupervised. They must have plenty of faith in our Lieutenant and his ASSimilater. They're gonna crack the code when the best minds, ALIEN-minds, couldn't do it? I don't get it! Hester, can you shed any light on why, why have we...children been allowed to cross the street and go where we never went before?"

"We've all been to Mercury before, Admiral."

"I mean un-escorted. And sent on a mission. They're the ones usually telling us, giving us the info and guidance. Don't you find it odd they think we'll be able to access the very ancient files in the storehouse? No one ever could before?"

"Right. I see your point, sir. The whole idea of us exploring on our own and reporting back to them? That's a switch. I don't buy what we were told: it would be a 'challenge' for us, a 'test,' and if successful, could lead to other, larger steps in space? Promotions, if successful? Didn't buy that shit for a second when I first heard it, don't buy it now. So glad I can shield my true thoughts and feelings from Company psychics. I think. Only joking, of course." She glanced at the 'Big Brother' monitor-eye on the wall and smiled.

"What's your senses tell you, Captain?"

Without hesitation, Captain Hester Mann responded with: "One or a few of the Council's methods of seeing the future, unquestionably, saw West or Sim or West and Sim extract vital information from the storehouse. Maybe the information is meant specifically for us to discover? Fate. I get the feeling. Ah. I also feel our Lieutenant is precisely the guy who'll break the Wall and decode the damn thing."

"What damn thing, Captain? You think the data is extremely important? Whatever it is we're looking for...or, I should say: sent to find? How can that be?"

"Huh. If it is important? Right. Why are we involved? If the Company works for the Council, why didn't they take West and Sim and leave us out of it? Way I see it, me and you are only top-brass 'bus' drivers, uh, for those two who, I guess, will solve the big mystery."

"Ha. What's your gut tell you, Hester?"

"That they'll do it." She waved her long, red hair away from her beautiful eyes. "But something's wrong, Admiral. Can't you feel it?"

"You mean dangerous? We're certainly expendable pawns. Maybe that's it? A monster we'll unleash? Is this a suicide mission? The Council won't have to directly face it. Fucking aliens. We'll be doing their dirty work, again. You know the big eye is watching our every move, even on Mercury. Send us in, fuck us!" Benson didn't care as he stared down the Company's all-seeing monitor on the bridge.