Guild of the Beach Rats, Michael J.P. Whitmer, horror

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Tales from the Dark Coast


20,300 words

172 pages

by Michael J.P. Whitmer

A storm is brewing off the Florida coast. Morgan Roth, a defamed NYC journalist, returns to her ocean-side hometown and finds itís been overrun by a snake-eyed cult called the Fellowship of Her Lady by the Sea. Nonconformists are hunted, kidnapped, and converted. The Beach Rats, a ragtag bunch of kids, teens, surfers, and rebels refuse to heel to the demands of the hooded cultists and their ancient deity, Guabancex, the Mother of Storms, spurring Her wrath against the town. Enter Max, a dead rock musician, reanimated by the Master of the Guild to free the town and bring music back to the beaches. Max and Morgan have a history of romance, a love that ended in tragedy on a stormy night ten years ago. Together again, they must team up against the Destroyer of Everything and Her minions. A beach concert is staged as the ultimate protest against the Fellowship, but the storm is roaring in on the back of Guabancex, which is sure to spell doom for the Guild of the Beach Rats.

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