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Ian McKinley


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These stories are presented free of charge to introduce the writing of Ian McKinley, scientist and nuclear waste specialist, and promote his novel "Extremophile", a fast-paced science-fiction thriller packed with adventure, sex, and high stakes.

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Ian McKinley

This two-short-story free presentation of “Global Warming” begins with Ian McKinley’s narrative on “Science Fiction Activism,” whereby writers predict and history reveals. If science fiction can introduce a degree of caution, which guides history to avoid some of the scariest possibilities, then it has served humanity very well indeed.  

The consequences of hitting a tipping point on global warming form the backdrop to “The Blame Game” in which a number of experts are caught up in the chaos resulting from sudden environmental collapse and argue about the root cause. Forced to find a way to survive, they’re treading in new territory but have little to contribute.

“The Ag-108m lining” is set further in the future, during the post-apocalyptic recovery phase. Ag-108m is a long-lived radioisotope of silver and one of the major concerns in the damaged reactors of Fukushima Daiichi. However, compared to global warming, it’s a trivial local accident with negligible health effects and a possible silver lining for the future of mankind.  

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