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Tray Caladan

The Continuum

Book 1

Son of Zog

Book 2

The Cydonian War

Book 3

Mandela Effect 
Mandela Effect 2

The New Men and the New World

Book 1

Beyond Barronsland

Book 2

2099 Transia~
The Best of TS Caladan

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45,100 words

174 pages



Collected Comedy of TS Caladan

by DH Jetson

DH Jetson, formerly TS Caladan & Doug Yurchey, was always funny. Researcher of ancient mysteries, astronomer, conspiracy theorist, artist, philosopher, thinker and now his ‘Collected Comedy’ proves that the man’s been a talented comic all this time. His true stories are true & unbelievable. We get a rare look into a rare man that no one understands and who is different.

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~ Foreword ~

So pleased with how this Funny Book turned out. I had put together a large collection of humorous, odd things and true stories over 7 decades in my head that they had to come out of me. What pleasure there was in recollections of old stories and the creation of new, weird stuff. A splice of my life. You’ll learn about me reading this book. After the last two years, my comedic floodgates overrun and I had to laugh. Maybe you need to laugh? The true stories are precious to me and I’m happy they’ve been recorded in text. If I was young and good-looking and confident or silly-looking and could successfully deliver jokes, I might have gotten a gig on SNL? I mean Will Ferrell got his SNL job for screaming: “Get down off the shed!!” I have material at least as good. Enjoy.

Usually a ‘foreword’ is written by someone other than the author. In Tray’s case, it applies.

This Book was fun and we wrote it quickly.

~ Doug Yurchey

~ TS Caladan

~ DH Jetson