Chemotroph, Ian McKinley, novel, science fiction, nuclear energy, martial arts

Ian McKinley
Global Warming




A Novel

(adult content)

103,500 words

424 pages

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Ian McKinley


chemotroph  (kē'mō-trŏf')   1. An organism that manufactures its own food through chemosynthesis as opposed to photosynthesis, generally harmless. 2. A martial artist using performance-enhancing designer drugs, generally extremely dangerous.


Combat Engineer Dr. Bruce Roberts aims to collect extremophiles, microbes adapted to extreme radiation, which are the key to an elixir of youth. His team targets a radwaste repository in Europe but, from their arrival in Switzerland, a series of accidents dog them. Although seemingly unrelated to their work, Bruce worries that foes who previously tried to steal this secret are again on their tracks. After successful sampling in France, his forebodings are confirmed when a savage attack leaves him battered, and a trail of bodies highlights the complete ruthlessness of their opponents. In an attempt to lose the profilers who have managed to predict their moves with uncanny accuracy, the team flees to Singapore inadvertently entering the den of an aged mastermind who would stop at nothing to gain effective immortality. The skirmishes of the chase lead eventually to a pitched battle in the shell of the Dallas Fort Worth airport, which the team must not only survive but do so in a way that finally defeats their relentless trackers.

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