California Betrayal, Katelyn Marie Peterson, Amore Moon Publishing, TWB Press, Romance

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By Katelyn Marie Peterson

New York City transplant Shay Collins is apprehensive about returning to California for her brotherís wedding. She knows sheíll cross paths with her ex-husband, the drunk, and Jason, her secret high school flame and brotherís best man, and sheís excited to see her dad, her rock, but facing her manipulative mother again is her biggest fear. True to form, Momís got her nose in everyoneís business, but when her brotherís ex-girlfriend comes to town, Shay learns the depths of her motherís evil doings, and from there, it only gets worse as more lies are revealed. The wedding is off, her drunk ex is hospitalized after crashing his car, and Jason, the sweet man that he is, canít help her put out all the fires, but when her dad dies suddenly, one final betrayal comes to light, and that one is unforgivable. Through it all, Jason stands beside her, and the flames grow higher.