Blood After Sunrise, Major Elazia, Africa, novel

Major Elazia



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Major Elazia

The Shantytown Riots

John is a family man with a big heart and a target on his back. Caught up in the violence of the Shantytown riots, his home is torched, and his wife and baby son are missing. As rival tribes battle over election results, politics, and religion, John’s desperate search through the ravaged slums gets sidetracked by victims in need of help. But as no good deed goes unpunished, he’s accused of murder and is hunted by both warring factions as well as the brutal police. Fires rage, blood spills, and atrocities mount. Hell has come to the valley of Shantytown, and even John cannot deliver it from evil.

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Note from the editor: When this manuscript first landed on my desk, the author’s voice struck me immediately. The tone and articulation of the English language is truly unique. And as I read the story, I saw parallels between African tribal rivalries and American gang violence. The author describes this tribalism as a disease that eats at the core of African society, each faction vying for supremacy, not only over the other tribes, but for control of the ‘weed’ trafficking, as well. All this sounded so familiar I felt compelled to publish this novel, not only because of its relevance to African life, but also for the way it hits home right here in the USA.

Pwani University Library pays tribute to Major Elazia and his African novel "Blood After Sunrise"