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The Continuum

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Two Thousand Ninety-Nine - Transia~


Mandela Effect
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The New Men and the New World

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The Best of TS Caladan

92,000 words

286 Pages


Book 2

by TS Caladan


Beyond Barronsland merges storylines from multiple parallel worlds where a wide array of similar characters, aliens, and high-tech humans play out dramas that seem independent, but readers soon understand how intricately connected they are as the highest orders of lifeforms in the galaxy worry about their existence since, in fact, the Universe has actually blown up...But in a delay-period, there’s a chance to save many universes, which rest on ‘the’ answer to the Ultimate Question: Who will win the final battle, good or evil?

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Chapter One

Matropolis, Brave New World

Matropolis was inhabited by humans extremely advanced in the sciences, the arts and possessed a wide range of technological wonders. They mastered knowledge of outer space and inner space. 'Matros' were psychic, clairvoyant to a degree, had telekinesis, slightly, and could 'tuen' or focus mind-power into a physical force. A population of a hundred million virtual Utopians thrived in technical luxury upon the large continent as well as on three islands that were suspended high in the air.

People were divided into three prime jurisdictions or 'City-States.' The Pax [Money] City-State's capital anti-gravitated at a height of a quarter mile. The Mire [Religion] City-State's capital hovered at a height of a half mile. The Pan [Military] City-State's capital floated at a height of three quarters of a mile. Each center of authority governed the lands directly below the islands.

The unknown Kaan anomaly, Black Island, was the highest land over the surface at an elevation of one mile. The prehistoric mystery, “world enigma” that had baffled the best Matro minds for ages, remained stationary over Pax lands.

People were divided into four sexes: Pax was primarily composed of 'Old World' human beings (aka 'bios'), still referred to as 'men' and 'women.' They had sex and produced babies the old-fashioned way, how it was done in the past. Mire lands contained a network of priesthood guilds. Priests appeared as robed men, but 'under the skin,' they were transitioned women that scorned technology and machines. The (female) bearded/bald priests and those associated with Mire territories were called 'mawos' (singular: mawo). Pan territories were basically military areas ruled by uniformed soldiers and police officers that resembled women with long hair. But 'under the skin,' they were really transitioned men. They were called 'womas' (singular: woma). Feminine soldiers, and others known as womas, could impregnate women or mawos. Any mawo could get pregnant and give birth.

There were four bathrooms.

Millions of people were 'citizens,' but not clones, robots, cyborgs, other A.I. and aliens.

'Beautiful' people of various castes ruled an advanced Matropolis. Highest ranked (A) were those womas connected to the military. Next highest in order (B) were the mawos or priests. Next ranked citizens (C) were the women of Pax. The last class with least privileges were the Pax men (D).

Super Cites rose high into the clouds. Citizens lived and worked within incredibly designed towers, domes and other futuristic structures. They all flew in fantastic air-machines, unlike airplanes and 'flying saucers' of other worlds. Elites owned their own pleasure-crafts, while citizens on lower levels took public transports. Three inhabited islands were restricted areas, only for the class that owned them.

Matropolis and the population of Matros functioned with the precision of a finely-tuned clock. Mega-technology and knowledge used to optimum efficiency that benefited every citizen no matter what station in life. Some more than others. Society was glorious! The future was flawless, like a perpetual, well-oiled machine. All worked together logically, systematically, perfectly. Every citizen executed their programmed function in life. But...

Human society was without compassion. People were cold, loveless, devoid of true feelings and real warmth. Four types of people were designed from day one. Most were birthed in labs as 'test-tube babies.' Bios were the exception. They ate artificial food that only supported mechanical, artificial lives. There were no trees, plants, vegetables, fruits, animals, rivers, real nature or genuine nutrition anymore. There were no marriages, strong families or love. Love was factored out of the new world.

Matros were unaware of the distant past and were made to not care about the future. Society was composed of elitist psychics who had developed mind-powers. Teuning abilities determined the caste system where A-citizens literally pushed things and people around. Citizens were not permitted personal weapons except the womas soldiers. Only a few occult Matros who'd reached a mental level known as 'Chad Rak Sa' were virtually invincible and could defeat the mightiest Sardar armies of Pax. A legendary 'underground' of rebels who'd reached the CRS was rumored to exist among the telepaths. These powerful and very secret wizard or magician citizens were the great fear of the Supreme State. The [Machine] State or High Castle of ruling elites worried of the near future. They deeply worried about the masked rebels of Pax, their one opposition fated to defeat them and change everything~

A monster had formed in the very center of the Matropolis water-world. In the middle crust, a 'hideous beast' materialized. Its heart pounded. He shouldn't have breathed, but he did. With amazing strength, he broke through more and more earth. It swam, in a sense. The man-monster possessed a very hard protective shell. It nourished him, motivated him, moved him and the 'Monster' crawled further and further along a path fate created...