Bethany's Blessed Bliss, The Necromancer Book 1, TA Malone, Erotic Suspense

TA Malone

The Vacationing Wife


Erotic Romance

The Guitar Player

Erotic Romance

50,100 words

248 pages


An Erotic Supernatural Thriller

by TA Malone

Bethany Minnelli, a health nut and privileged college grad, is living the good life in Philly...until her Uncle Joey is murdered. He’d been like a father to her, so when the police investigation stalls, she travels to the small Appalachian town of Dorwick in hopes of finding his killer. There, her image of Joey unravels as his friends become her enemies and his secrets are revealed. Stolen gold from Iraq is at the root of this evil, and their quest for Joey’s hiding place pits Bethany against forces from beyond the grave. She learns she’s a necromancer; she can talk to the dead, but her powers are weak and her enemies are strong. A wolf, with secrets of his own, joins her in battle as The Darkness sets her on a path of revenge.

Not Appropriate for Minors


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