The Continuum

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Son of Zog

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The Cydonian War

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Two Thousand Ninety-Nine - Transia
Mandela Effect
Mandela Effect II

The New Men and the New World

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Beyond Barronsland

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The Best of TS Caladan
Collected Comedy of TS Caladan
TS Caladan's Comedy II

Author Tray Caladan

aka DH Jetson

Tray Caladan, DH Jetson, was born Doug Yurchey in Pittsburgh in 1951.  An only child, he retreated into his imagination and drew fantastical pictures. Later, he drew backgrounds for “The Simpsons” and earned a tennis scholarship to Edinboro State as an art major. Afterwards he started the ‘Art Trek’ gallery in Pittsburgh. There he met a psychic (Katrina) who forever changed his life. Her insights sent him on a course to solve great mysteries.  Nikola Tesla’s observations helped him solve riddles of Atlantis and ancient pyramids.  His articles, videos, radio shows, theories, patent, games, and writings have earned him international acclaim throughout 40 years of researching natural and alien phenomena. His positive message of a ‘New Human Genesis’ pervades his science-fiction and his art, as well. Tray lives in Northridge, California, on sometimes shaky ground, with his cat (Monkie) and a large library of UFO and science books.




TS Caladan's Radio Interview on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T4jLCEtUoI8&t=4073s 

TS Caladan's ART GALLERY http://www.oom2.com/t38932-caladart-art-of-ts-caladan#87582 


Questions to TS Caladan from the ‘Pyramid Center’


http://www.illuminati-news. com/Aleister-Crowley-Created- the-60s-Peace%20Movement-or- Paul-is-Really-Dead.html (wonderful intro by Wes of IlluminatiNews to the Paul McCartney is DEAD concept which Ringo now admits is true!). 3 sites have posted new Aleister Crowley story & Beatles controversy:
http://blog.world-mysteries. com/guest_authors/doug- yurchey/aleister-crowley- created-the-60s-peace- movement/ [great comments in Blog at end of 'story']
http://www.paranormalnews.com/ article.aspx?id=1551

~ other fascinating TS Caladan examples of 'fantasy-faction' or stories that expose real world truths:
http://blog.world-mysteries. com/guest_authors/doug- yurchey/we-can-change-the- future/ (Time Travel)
http://blog.world-mysteries. com/guest_authors/doug- yurchey/super-bowl-xlix-nexus/
(must read for FOOTBALL fans!)

http://blog.world-mysteries. com/guest_authors/doug- yurchey/the-other-one/ (Devil's Tower)