Author Edith O'Deer

Edith O’Deer lives in a small village by the sea near the city of Tallinn in Estonia with her young daughter, Evi, who loves to chase the dog and gaze in wonder at the fish in their aquarium. Life in the northern reaches of Europe can be brutal, especially in winter, but the beauty of the land inspired her to become a nature photographer. Over the years she has put together a majestic portfolio of Estonian vistas and flora. Her love for reading, especially ghost stories, moved her to write a few of her own, in English. This became a huge challenge for her, as most of her exposure to the language came from the Hollywood movies she’s watched. Nowadays, with Evi at play around her and the roar of the sea at her back, she can be found snuggled in a blanket at her computer, pounding out stories of unthinkable horror and hopeful redemption.