Romance Home



Author Ashley Adams

To say Iím sexually frustrated would be an understatement. Men think they know what women want, but in my experience, they havenít got a clue. I once had the hots for my boss. Oh, heíd pat my fanny once in a while, in the break room, but what I really wanted him to do was take me in his arms and kiss me dizzy. I didnít have the nerve to kiss him first, that wouldnít have been socially acceptable behavior on my part. I didnít want to be labeled the office flirt and didnít want to get him in trouble with his wife, so I quit the firm. 

Unemployment gave me a lot of time to think. I couldnít be the only woman whose fantasies went unexplored, and I wondered if those fantasies were universal, or was I just being silly? What woman wouldnít want to put her fears and inhibitions aside to visit a discrete sex club and meet a gorgeous man whoíd show her a new lifestyle? Was I the only woman on earth who fantasized about a threesome with a husband and his best friend? Who wouldnít want to skinny-dip in a mountain hot spring with a couple of hunky cowboys and a curvy cowgirl thrown in for fun? I decided to write about women exploring these fantasies. 

If Iím right about what women really want, Iíll know by the number of fans who enjoy my stories. If Iím wrong, at least Iíll have explored my fantasies on paper and become a little less frustrated, or perhaps a little more demanding of the men who come into my life. 

Wish me luck.