Astra's Revenge, Jim Keane, thriller, short story

Jim Keane



13,700 words



by Jim Keane

Henry Malbern, a prolific New York hitman, loves his work, but he also loves Elena and their vision of starting a family. She demands him to get out of the killing business or thereíll be no wedding. However, getting out of the Syndicate isnít as easy as handing in a resignation. Thereís no gold watch for retirees, just a pine box. One more job, a little old lady who owes an unpayable debt to a Yonkers loan-shark, then heíd go on the run with Elena. Problem is, that old womanís daughter is a seer, an army-trained killer in her own right, and the murder of her mother sets her on a mission of revenge against Henry. He can run, but he canít hide from her crystal ball.




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