Anagramacron, Tray Caladan, anagrams

Tray Caladan

The Continuum

Book 1

Son of Zog

Book 2

The Cydonian War

Book 3

Two Thousand Ninety-Nine - Transia~
Mandela Effect 
Mandela Effect II

The New Men and the New World

Book 1

Beyond Barronsland

Book 2

The Best of TS Caladan

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In 2006, TS Caladan discovered the generator: ‘Anagram Genius’ & his world was never the same~ Who knew that switched-letters SPOKE? The ancients knew...did they have computers? Dive into a universe you never knew existed! ANAGRAMACRON is the best of 3 manuscripts. ~ You won’t believe your eyes. Here are classics from celebrities to other oddities & new ones...

“We don’t stress the mystical side to anagramming very much in our promotion, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t many who believe. It is certainly the case that even the most cynical of people are amazed by the relevance anagrams have and how frequently they are relevant.”

~William Tunstall-Pedoe, creator of ‘Anagram Genius’ software

“Be warned! This is absolutely literary intoxication and addiction!”  ~Paul Hunt, owner Atlantis Bookstore