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Dean Giles

Ghost in the Machine

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15,250 words - 41 pages


a short story series


Dean Giles

In this gripping conclusion to the Alien Apocalypse Series,  Leon must call on his fledgling leadership abilities to convince a band of survivors to follow him on a suicidal mission to destroy the alien mind that has taken over the planet. However, the alien has evolved. It has learned new ways to capture humans for its consumption and strikes first, kidnapping the survivors, including his son Elliott. Left with an ill-tempered redhead and a shifty bruiser to help him free the captives, Leon goes on the offensive but soon discovers the alien is more resourceful than heíd ever imagined. His success or failure will determine the future of mankindís place on this earth, either master of all things or an entree for the alienís insatiable palette.


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