TWB Press publishes stories of human conflict and redemption through a variety of world views that reflect humanity at its best...and at its worst.

Within our first twelve years in the publishing business, we have signed on 37 authors from around the world (most previously unpublished) and released over 120 titles. TWB Press authors have appeared in articles by Writer’s News, Night Owl Reviews, Writing Magazine, Women’s Book Reviews, Essential Writers, Page of Reviews, Sense Magazine, the Gore Score, and more. TWB Press is NOT a vanity publisher. We are a traditional, royalty-paying press that publishes e-books (short stories and novels) and paperback books (novels), and we offer them for sale to the world via the Internet.


My name is Terry Wright, editor at TWB Press. I'm a writer and a publisher. I've been published in Science Fiction, Supernatural, and Horror, both in print and electronically. My 25+ years of writing experience includes over 16 years judging contests, running contests, facilitating workshops, speaking at conferences and library events, and editing for authors across the country. As a screenplay writer, my scripts have made the finals in international screenwriting competitions, including Scriptapalooza, Moondance, Exposurama, WILDsound, and AWS. A love for storytelling and the knowledge gleaned from these experiences are my contributions to TWB Press, its authors, and its readers.

For readers of Science Fiction, Supernatural, Horror, and Thrillers, I publish only the best short stories and novels worthy of your entertainment dollar. Each has been revised and edited to make the story the best that it can be. I truly believe a story is weighed and measured by the way it makes you FEEL while you're reading it and long after you are finished.

To potential authors, it costs you nothing but time, blood, sweat, and tears to be published here. I'm always on the lookout for new talent, so new writers, please don't hesitate to submit a query letter (email) at submissions@twbpress.com. Submission guidelines and other valuable information are available to you at www.twbpress.com/submissions.  

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me: support@twbpress.com

Thanks for your interest in TWB Press.

Terry Wright