2099 Transia, Tray Caladan, novel, futuristic

Tray Caladan

The Continuum

Book 1

Son of Zog

Book 2

The Cydonian War

Book 3

Mandela Effect 
Mandela Effect II

The New Men and the New World

Book 1

Beyond Barronsland

Book 2

The Best of TS Caladan

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by TS Caladan

Transgendered people who strongly feel they are ‘trapped in the wrong sex’ is one thing. Those cases are extremely rare. Sex-changes should not be required for “castrata”, an old British practice of castrating young boys for opera or for modern-day industries controlled by sick elites. 2099: Transia~ is a dark warning on the order of ‘1984’. Dedicated to cure dystopians of a royal disease.