The Green Flash, Rodney Sumpter, novel, supernatural, surfing,

Rodney Sumpter




by Rodney Sumpter

Rodney, a brave 13-year-old who's bullied by older surf club boys, challenges himself on the Wilderness Coast waves to hone his surfing skills, but he’s soon overpowered and nearly drowns, saved only by Huey, the sea god of the surf, who also gives him the ability to communicate with dolphins and other sea creatures. Rodney’s amazement is overshadowed by one question. Why? Safely back on shore, he meets a mysterious master-class surfer who teaches him some fantastic maneuvers and gives him a special surfboard to ride a rogue wave known as The Green Flash. Again, he wonders why. The wave rips him from his home and lands him on an island where pirates have imprisoned captured sea creatures for the black market trade. Rodney must use his surfing skills to teach the captives to surf and escape on the next Green Flash before the pirates kill him and ship his new friends off to their doom.