Terry Wright

In this final installment of The 13th Power Trilogy, the peaceful Beltzans of the green planet, 100,000 light-years from earth, encounter a Tarreeda spacecraft in orbit. The race of warmongers had been banished from their planet 1000 generations ago. However, Luthes Rez, helmsman of the Orbital Patrol Ship Questnar doubts it’s the Tarreeda. The craft displays strange symbols that mean nothing to him: NASA - USA.

Janis Mackey and Tracy have been invited to NASA for a meeting with General Brigham and the unveiling of the greatest attack force ever conceived. Brigham needs Janis’s mathematical prowess to return to the 13th Power, conquer the aliens, and steal their technology. However, Janis wants nothing to do with an intergalactic war, so Brigham arrests Tracy. If Janis fails, she’ll be put to death for treason.

Ray Crawford, now an alcoholic recluse, refuses to take calls from NASA until news of alien prisoners of war brought back to earth drags him out of the bottle.

Lisa has finally found her man. He’s a quiet soul, peaceful, and a hero in his own right, but Luthes Rez is a prisoner of war, and her father will never approve.

Meanwhile, in Ethiopia, archeologist Milton Spears discovers an alien truth buried on Choke Mountain for 20,000 years, a truth the government’s secret Aquarius Project wants protected at any cost.
113,100 words
346 pages
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A Janis Mackey Sci-Fi Thriller
Then came modern man, about 20,000 years ago, and from that point on he destroyed his enemies without compassion,  enslaved other races, and murdered for sport all manner of men and beasts.
This is a story of mankind’s treachery, the horrors of galactic war, and the only hope for peace on earth.