Terry Wright

American and European scientists are using bigger and faster particle accelerators to smash atoms into smaller and smaller pieces. They are looking for the Higgs boson, the particle that gives matter mass, the "God Particle."  What if they find it?

Fermilab and CERN are the biggest players in this race for the Higgs boson, named after Peter Higgs who first proposed its existence in1964 as a way to explain why atoms have mass. Since then, tens of billions of dollars have been spent to prove the Higgs exists. Russia tried but failed in a catastrophic way.
However, in California, there’s a smaller lab with an equally determined group of scientists in the hunt. Their motivations are as varied as the characters themselves. Whether it’s love, money, power, fame, or revenge that drives them, they’re about to set the world on a course of impending destruction.

This is their story.
121,700 words
476 pages
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Praise for "The 13th Power Quest"

AJ Kirby, Author

"This is a taut, pacy thriller with heart and balls. As compulsive as the best Dan Brown and as well-written as any page-turner I’ve read, this novel engages the reader with ‘big’ ideas and tackles weighty current issues. The race is on to find the Higgs boson, dubbed the "God Particle" and some Machiavellian forces will stop at nothing to ensure that they discover it first. From the off, this is a rip-roaring roller-coaster of a ride. The reader is often left breathless by the filmic-quality action sequences. Mixed motivation abounds, and the characters are believably shaded, not all good, not all bad, and realistic. I for one will be reading more of Wright’s work, especially those sci-fi thrillers which feature Dr. Janis Mackey. The climax of the novel is a real show-stealer. Bravo!" AJ Kirby (author of Bully, The Magpie Trap, Perfect World and more)
A Janis Mackey Sci-Fi Thriller