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The Lady Mephistopheles



103,000 words

350 page

by Dean Patrick


Homicide Detective Marion Paul, on a quest to discover why his brother drank himself to death, steps into an obscene world of witchery and Satanism that plagues Small Town America, where the demon woman, Terra Drake, orchestrates the murders of its citizens and the enslavement of their children. The trail of blood and death traces back to Biblical times, and her hand has touched the most notorious of serial murderers throughout history. Marion, having seen the worst of human nature, rushes headlong into her cult of witches and werewolves against which he has no defense, not by gun, knife, or fists, a nightmarish battle that tests his sanity and entraps his family. Should he lose this cat-and-mouse trial of wits and courage, everyone he loves will surely die.

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