TWB Press is a royalty-paying electronic publisher of novellas and novels in the genres listed below for sale worldwide* on the internet. 
Science Fiction ~ Supernatural ~ Horror & Urban Fantasy ~ Thriller ~ Romance ~ Erotic Romance ~ Mainstream

TWB Press is currently accepting novella and novel submissions in science fiction, supernatural, horror, romance, mainstream, and thriller genres. I do not publish YA, MG, or children's books. I do not normally publish non-fiction. Word count should be between 29,000 words to 120,000 words. (**see note on word counts below) Your story may contain elements of romance and mystery, and it may be set in a fantasy world. Sex scenes are okay, but not pornography or graphic/abusive erotica. If your story contains any hateful or derogatory attacks on any one race of people, any one religion, or any sexual orientation, you can bet I'll reject it. Bottom line, I want to have fun with your story. I want to be entertained. I'm not looking for the next Pulitzer Prize winner. I'm looking for authors who want to offer the world great entertainment and get their writing careers off the ground.

Something to consider. I look for story structure. Introduce your characters in their normal world. Bring in the inciting incident that changes or threatens to change that world and puts your characters into conflict. I look for action that drives your characters toward their goals, rising high stakes, turning points, maybe an unexpected twist, all leading to a black moment (if possible), the climax, and a resolution with a satisfying and emotional ending. Along the journey, you need to be clear about what your character wants, (GOAL) why your character wants it, (MOTIVATION) why your character can't have it, (OBSTACLE) what your character must do to get it, (PLOT) and what's at stake if your character fails. (HIGH STAKES) Remember, in order for a story to be memorable, it must have an emotional impact on the reader. If your book is about a lot of neat stuff that happens and then it's the end, there's a good chance I'll reject it and ask for revisions. If your manuscript is not formatted perfectly, I'll fix it, but if it's a hodgepodge of tabs and spaces and no header or page numbers, I won't read it. A professionally formatted manuscript tells me you're a serious writer.

GETTING STARTED: Send a query letter in the body of an email to Type "Query" in the subject line. DO NOT ATTACH ANYTHING TO THIS EMAIL. I need to know seven things: #1 How you heard about TWB Press. #2 The title of your story. #3 The genre and word count. #4 The log line for your story (one sentence). #5 A one paragraph blurb to hook me (like what the teaser on the back cover might read). #6 Your publishing credits or writing achievements. #7 your contact information: address, hometown, state or country, your website URL, Facebook, your blog, and any other social media links. If you're unsure what a query letter should include, Google it.

If I'm interested in what you have to offer, I'll ask you to submit your manuscript in a Word .doc or .docx file attached to this email address. Here are tips for submitting a professional looking manuscript.

Best to all,

Terry Wright

*worldwide refers to anywhere Amazon can ship paperbacks or wherever there is internet access to download e-books.

**I have learned over the years that short-story e-books don't sell very well. It requires potential buyers to go online, sign in to their Amazon accounts (if they have one) or Barnes&Noble, Apple, Kobo, wherever, locate, purchase and download the e-book to their device or app. Most don't bother. However, if you have author copies to hand them, sales are immediate. I'm now looking for stories with a large enough word count to accommodate paperback as well as e-book publishing. Though 29,000 words (minimum) will make a thin paperback, it's a tangible book you can sell to your readers when you're face to face with them at your launch parties, signing events, etc.