Son of Zog, Tray Caladan, science fiction, novel

Tray Caladan

The Continuum

Book 1

The Cydonian War

Book 3


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74,500 words

6"x9" paperback - 312 pages


by TS Caladan


In the next 5th Construct, former superhero Cal-El is only a man (Tray) & is killed. Wife, Mary, gives birth to a special child (Sam), born under a blue star. 5th Universe had been a Paradise for 1900 Yarns & now demands: Killing, Chaos & War! Sam becomes an anarchist, first with Fight Clubs & then with a mad military. Cal-El’s son learns the truth about his father’s killer and Tray is reborn! A Galactic ‘War of Roses’ mimics real World Wars on Earth, the “other world.” 

Do Forbidden Atomics return? 

Should a 6th Future happen?

In Book 2, Another card game determines Fate as scales unbalance-

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